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Creative Brainworks has decided to become a company who works with inventors to bring their idea(s)/concepts to life.

Philipp and Anthony want to do for others what they have done for Bean Bag Bucketz. That is why they have created a division “Brain Trust”. They are on the hunt for Toy and Sporting Goods items that are fun, unique and bring people together for lasting memories.

The submission process is straight and to the point – complete the form (link to page) and send to We review many items – be sure to be thoughtful with your idea and submission – if we identify a fit with our objectives, mission, and goals – Philipp will follow up to work through potential next steps.

If selected, Creative Brainworks will utilize the combination of retail, wholesale, and product development, combined with an established record of bringing toys to market. The benefit to submit your idea to Creative Brainworks is we are a small company with vast experience…If your item is selected.

Your item will not get lost among the corporate shuffle! We are quick decision makers with a streamline process, and we place complete attention throughout the entire process in bringing the product to life!

The original Brain Trust - Anthony Esposito - Inventor of Bean Bag Bucketz

Anthony had the idea, the drive and did his research for his bean bag toss
game. Anthony knew he had come up with something special…his persistence to work through many concepts, pushed to secure a patent on this unique game, many challenges, and sleepless nights in working on his bean bag toss game. Destiny ultimately took over that connected Anthony with Philipp which ended up being the perfect partnership to bring this one-of-a-kind game to life…And ultimately become B3 Bean Bag Bucketz.

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Meet Our Inventors

Corey Wilcox - Braintrust Inventor

Corey, is an inventor at heart and has spent over a decade coming up with innovative solutions to everyday problems. Corey first reached to Philipp in spring of 2019, to discuss his number of ideas. Corey shared a number of concepts, two of them resonated with Philipp for review. Anthony and Philipp, decided to have Corey become a Brain Trust Inventor.

Finger Rocketz

First, they launched Finger Rocketz in fall of 2019, which is a Finger Slingshot type launcher, they quickly worked to bring Finger Rocketz to market under the B3 Brand. Currently selling in a variety of channels, and can quickly be purchased on

Roto Brain

The second item that we have brought to life in working with Corey. Is Roto Brain, this item has a great story of that ultimately became the idea, inspiration and driving force in bringing this generational item to life. Roto Brain is the one-of-a-kind 3D Memory Sphere Puzzle that has
endless combination codes to crack. You can find Roto Brain on Amazon, Scheels Sporting Goods, and others across the country.