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Corporate History

Creative Brainworks as like many startup companies has experienced many business altering moments. What has been awesome is the support from many individuals and organizations that have helped Creative Brainworks LLC become the business it is today. We cherish the support from our early backers, designers, financial supporters, retail partners, sourcing, factories, and of course this would not have been possible without the support of our families.

The Start

August of 2012 our first item was born at the beach, the Jersey Shore to be exact. While on a sandy vacation, the kids were looking for something fun to do on the beach. B3's Original (Brain Trust) Creator Anthony came up with a fun way to entertain his boys. Anthony placed large shells on the end of a stick and had the kids toss small seashells to knock off the bigger shells. Hours later, both dad and the boys agreed - they've created a fun and entertaining game!

Addicted from the start, this became their go-to game the rest of the trip. Back at home Anthony couldn't get their seaside fun out of his head. Working through countless iterations, Anthony developed a variety of different concepts - over the next 3 years.


A Partnership Born

In early 2015 Anthony connected with Philipp; this meeting started what would become a perfectly paired partnership. Philipp and Anthony would work together to bring Anthony's soon to be patented invention to life. As in life there were a number of people that contributed to the development and success of this game. that ultimately became known as B3 Bean Bag Bucketz.


Kickstarting Growth

We were limited on capital and awareness - the perfect solution to support the launch of our first item was Kickstarter. Anthony and Philipp were sitting around a laptop watching our very first pledge come through to support our game, and many more came through that day in June of 2016. A successful Kickstarter provided early capital and needed awareness to propel this idea to life.


Retail Comes On Board

Bean Bag Bucketz first retail partner was Toys R US - they were always looking to find that next great innovative item. That partnership created national and industry awareness of Bean Bag Bucketz...Spurring many new retail partnerships from to Brookstone and many more.


Here We Grow

Bean Bag Bucketz growth continued - from Anthony's original Bucketz idea; he, and Philipp, launched B3 Blitz with one of their early partners Brookstone.


The Braintrust

The Brain Trust Innovators Group was developed - Brain Trust's are individual innovators/inventors that have their ideas/concepts selected by Philipp and Anthony to be brought to life.

Finger Rocketz - from the mind of one of our new Brain Trust members.  This item was an original concept from our first member of our inventor Brain Trust Group.  


Products Growing

All American Edition Bean Bag Bucketz - Exclusive program with key partner Bass Pro/Cabela's!

B3 Basic Games - there are fun, nonstop on the go everyday value games.

Roto Brain - from the mind of the Brain Trust - this innovative patent pending 3D Memory Sphere Puzzle launched in fall of 2020 is set to become a Toy of the Year.